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We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us.  Check the calendar for detail and make sure to go onto Charms to find volunteering opportunities as well as sign-ups for some upcoming activities.


KONA ICE!!!  Kona Ice will be on campus on Wednesday, August 1st and Wednesday, August 8th during band camp lunch.  Also, they will be backFriday, August 10th during the Band Preview Show.   Kona Ice is $4 per item.

SPRING TOUR MEETING!  Monday, August 6th at 7:00 p.m. please join us in the band room for our “Spring Tour Kick Off Meeting!”   The goal of this meeting is to give parents information about tour early enough to be able to plan financially for the trip!  This is for both Band and Color Guard!

Spirit Wear Order Forms: Order form and payment are due by Friday, August 10th.  Order forms are in the band room and in the forms page here on the website.

Freshmen Parents…Please order the travel bag for your student!  They will want one and we won’t be able to get them after this order goes in.


End of Band Camp Pool Party:  The pool party will be held after the Preview Show on Friday, August 10th  from 6:00-10:00 p.m.  This year it will be held at the Castaic Aquatic Center.  The donation will be the same as in the past.  We are asking for $5 per student.  Turn in money to Mr. Whitt in the band room.  Sign ups for food donations are on Charms.  We will be signing the students in and out at this event and asking for a parent cell phone number.  There will also be lifeguards on duty during the entirety of this event.

First Booster Club Meeting:  Wednesday, August 22nd  at 7:00 p.m. in the band room.  Please make plans to join us.  If you have a student in band or color guard, you are part of the great group of parents that make up the Booster Club organization.

Auto Spa Car Wash:  We are holding our 2nd annual Car Wash Fundraiser onThursday, August 23rd from 4-8 p.m.  Tickets were handed out yesterday, Monday July 30th.    In the packet with the tickets was a release form to work the car wash and a form for getting donations for the Bowl-a-thon.  For Car Wash…Students are being asked to sell 3 tickets at $12 a ticket.  Sign ups for parent help and student workers are up on Charms! *Please Note:  Mr. Whitt told the students yesterday that they must turn in the money for the tickets they sold, or turn the tickets back in that they didn’t sell, to the band room by Thursday, August 9th.  If they do not, they will not be allowed to take part in the End of Band Camp Pool Party on Friday, August 10th.

Bowl-a-thon:  Saturday, September 22 from 12-2 p.m.:   You will find attached to the Car Wash tickets a Bowl-a-thon support form.  The cost to participate in the Bowl-a-thon is $15.  That includes shoes, 2 slices of Vincenzos Pizza, and a soft drink.

Since we are now a 501c3 nonprofit organizationwe can no longer do individual student school sponsored events.  Please let your supporters know that their donation is NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  This is an individual fundraiser for Tour.  Please have your supporters write their checks directly to the student, NOT Band and Color Guard.  You will collect money and pay for Tour yourself. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THE BAND ROOM!  (It will be returned to you)

Football Game:  Friday, August 24th.  Since the football games start so early this year, we are opting to hold an “On the Job Training” for any parents interested in signing up for a volunteer position this marching season.

We will not hold a separate training day like we have in previous years in September. If you are interested, please join us near the side gate where trailers park at COC.  You will need to buy a ticket (or use your ASB card) to get into the game PRIOR to meeting us at the gate.  I can only allow scheduled volunteers in the gate that night.  Thank you for understanding.

Parent Night Out!  Make plans now to join us on Thursday, September 27th at CBS Studios.  We are in need of 20 people over the age of 18 for an audience taping of Gabriel Iglesias new Netflix show.  The minimum we need is 10 people.  The band and color guard organization will make $18 a person for being part of the audience.  It is a chance for some of our parents to go out together and have a great time.  Sign ups are on Charms!

IMPORTANT:  Just a reminder about paying for donations and items online through our website:  PLEASE forward your receipt and in your email let them know what the payment is for.  Many times they receive payments without knowing what they are for.  Thanks for your help with this!!!





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