Booster Meeting This Wednesday, May 9

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This is a friendly reminder about the upcoming booster meeting this Wednesday, May 9th  at 7 pm in the band room . Please review the minutes from last month’s meeting, it can be found on the Booster page. We will be having elections that evening for the following positions:

Vice President –

The Vice-president shall be responsible to carry out the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice-president shall be the Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee (Fundraising). The Vice-president will maintain liaison with the School Master Calendar coordinator. He/She shall accept any special duties that the President may assign him/her.

Recording Secretary –

The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of both the meetings of the Booster Club and the Board of Directors. He/She shall maintain all records of the Booster Club. He/She shall be prepared to make a report of each official meeting of the Club and Board.

Volunteer Coordinator –

  1. It shall be their duty to provide Chaperones whenever needed for band and Color Guard activities requiring such persons. It shall also be their duty to arrange for volunteers for fundraiser, and other Booster Club activities requiring such persons.
  2. It shall be their duty to notify the General Membership of special meetings, changes to regular meetings, and other events.
  3. It shall be their duty to maintain an accurate attendance record of each Booster Meeting.

Public Relations –

It shall be their duty to see that activities of the Band and Color Guard and the Booster Club are publicized substantially prior to the announced date of such activities. Also, work with the Vice President on all fundraising activities.

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